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CSA Produce Boxes

    • Neighborhoods served: Pilsen, Bridgeport, Back of the Yards, Bronzeville, and Chinatown

We offer a sliding-scale CSA produce box, targeted at undeserved communities in urban Chicago. Families can purchase a subscription, pre-picked or custom box.

  • Sliding-Scale: Families can pick the price they can afford. Every item has a low, mid and high option, and is honor based
  • Our higher price point enables us to support families who need access to the same high quality produce. This is our way of trying to create an equitable food system that meets people where they are at financially.
  • More information on our CSA is available (here)


About 20 - 30% of our harvest is dedicated for local donation to food pantries and organizations that focus on the South and West sides of Chicago.


We sell a portion of our harvest to wholesale channels to keep our sliding-scale produce box financially sustainable as we scale our business and grow our direct-to-consumer produce box options.

Restaurants + Value-added Items

We sell to local restaurants who need specialized varieties and want the freshest product possible. We work with local chefs and restaurateurs to build relationships with the communities they operate in. We strive to promote farm to table efforts with recipes, value added items and other collaborations.


As farmers in the city, we strive to be stewards of the land we work with. We use organic farming practices (although we are not certified). All cultivation and harvest is done by hand with simple tools, and we utilize drip irrigation to reduce our water waste. We do not use any chemical pesticides or non-organic methods of growing our produce, herbs and flowers.


Established in 2021, Bridge & Bloom Farms LLC is a for-profit 1/8 acre urban farm located in Legends-South, Chicago Illinois. We operate our farm through a land agreement with Windy City Harvest, a non-profit organization under the Chicago Botanic Garden. We focus on farming with sustainable environmental, business, and social practices.

We started this farm as a means to give back to Chicago, to build and strengthen our communities through food and plants. We strive to be a resource for anyone interested in growing food for local communities.

Thank you for reading more about us!

Danika + Kathleen